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Sunday, August 15, 2010

There is nothing in your head

On today's  Sunday Mass,  while listening to the homily, I noticed that we have a new priest, a visiting  priest from Novaliches.  Personally, I think that it is always nice to see a fellow kababayan as your priest than a foreigner.

He talked about the difference of a problem and a mystery.   A problem always has a solution while a mystery does not have one.  Even an explanation is not at all necessary for sometimes you just have to believe in it.

He specifically talked about Mama Mary that she was able to bear Jesus in her purity and that is a mystery that we have to believe.

While listening to him, I  told myself that this priest has the combination of sense and humor. It is a fusion that tis  both enlightening and heartening and is always good for one's soul - mine specifically. :)

Towards the end of his homily, the priest  told a story about a little boy.  One night the boy was  complaining  to his mother that his was experiencing an upset stomach and that his tummy hurts.   The mother asked if he had dinner and the boy said no. The mother said that the reason why his tummy was aching was because it had nothing in it.

The following morning, the little boy noticed that his mother was not in her usual mood.  And the boy asked his mother what was wrong.  The mother said that she had migraine.  The little boy then told his mother that perhaps the reason why her mom's head was aching was because it had nothing in it. 

The priest finalizes that life is a series of ups and downs, of happiness and sorrow, of pain and joy.  It is something that we should embrace for it is a part of one's life.  The best thing that we could do is to always fill ourselves with God's presence so that the pain that we are experiencing in our everyday lives is bearable. 

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