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Monday, September 20, 2010

Madam Auring's Prediction

Madam Auring is on Twitter now.  Yes, folks.  She is the newest kid on the block, hahahah..

On her Twitter account,  she tweeted Julius Babao , Julius considered this his tweet of the night and this is what she has to say : 

navvibes kong magkakatuluyan kayo ni tintin at magkakaanak, congratulations sa talk TV sisikat pa ito

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Women then and now


There was a joke I heard over the radio about women. 

The women were given a distinct difference then, during the Japanese occupation, and the women now.

Before, women were asked by their parents  to hide when Japanese were invading the Philippines.  Now, it is the exact opposite.

Today, women were asked to wear their shortest shorts when a Japanese visits. (joke only please....)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It is hard to face the problem, when the problem is your face

Long time ago, yes, I mean, long time ago I came across this saying:
   "it is hard to face the problem, when the problem is your face."

I was still in college then and when I got into my seat in one of my subjects, I saw that  inscription.  

I got curious, and I thought of   answering back.   I wrote something on my chair.  Yes I was wrong and I apologized for being a vandal. 

I inscribed ,  "what if you do not have a face?"

The following day, when I went  inside  that same room and I sat on the same chair, I was surprised to see an answer.

It said that:   "then that is another problem"  with a smiling face.  LOL.

The morale of the story is:

.....please do not write anything on your chair

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